Glam up with Red! Accessorizing with red

The holiday season is here! I’m sure many of you will be wearing red for some of your holiday functions. A red dress or adding red accessories to your entire look can be a bold fashion statement creating a characteristically chic look if worn well.


Here are some tips to create a classic look in Red whether you are wearing a red dress, mixed or accessorizing with red:

Mix your red fabric with another colour. When mixing your red fabric with another one, keep the red true and pick one other colour shade.

Keep your accessories subdued. Too many red accessories can detract from your ensemble. When you choose accessories to wear with your dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.

For makeup. Make either your eyes (go for smoky eyes) or the lips the focal point and if you go with a red lip, the trick to find a shade of lipstick that matches the colour of your dress.






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