Know who you are- Daughter of the King!

Ladies, we are Royalty! It’s time we start acting like we are Daughter’s of the most high God. Let’s stop acting like we belong to Satan, if we truly desire to be Proverb’s 31 women. We are NOT to be lousy ladies but women of class.
Our word’s have power over the enemy. Are we speaking death or life over people? Are we dressing like we are women of God? Or are we dressing like we just got out of bed and are about to sell our bodies on the corner?

Let’s be real! We want men to respect us but we have to do our part. Men are very visual, in that case a lot of them are struggling with lust, how are we then helping them overcome if we keep dressing like we just left the club. We have a part to play in this.

Let’s rise up from beneath our standard and beneath our worth. Let’s walk in authority. Let’s be classy and not trashy. Let’s speak LIFE over everyone we’ve come in contact with including our enemies. Let’s act Like Christ Daughter’s.


12 Days to 2015! Let’s make the last days of 2014 count!

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