Red soles or not, let's leave positive footprints anywhere we go.

When we walk into a room no matter our shoes, we have the power to put a change in the atmosphere. We should always strive to leave foot prints of positivity no matter the particular room or who’s in it. When we leave a room we should leave a lasting impression on everyone that is still there.

Ladies, our footsteps tell a lot about our journey but most importantly they tell a lot about our character during the journey.

In the coming year, let’s strife to inspire those around to want to walk in our footsteps no matter if our shoes have red soles or not!

#countdowntoagreat2015 and enjoy more of NHN Couture’s 2014 Christmas Collections. Have a blessed Sunday!






14 thoughts on “Red soles or not, let's leave positive footprints anywhere we go.”

  1. Beautiful clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!.I love them. Happy new year Nkechi, I wish you all the best things in life. And many more years of success so that you can continue to create more class design with unique and beautiful materials. God Bless. mrs Umar Sent from my iPad

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