The Confident Daughter of the King


When do you most feel like that woman God created you to be? Capture that feeling, bottle it, preserve it. And whenever you need a reminder, dab a few moments confidently on your wrists.

Not everyone feels confident all the time. When in need, act your way into feeling. Chin up, shoulders back, tummy tucked. Now breathe in… And smile. Imagine yourself as a princess–wearing an exquisite gown, with a precious crown placed on your head. That’s who you are, after all. You are a daughter of the King. Now act it.

Has something crippled your confidence? Be confident friends!
You are special!

Good Morning Friends!

6 thoughts on “The Confident Daughter of the King”

  1. Thanks a lot dear. That’s whom we are ,but a times situations makes someone to forget whom they are. May the holy spirit continue to remind us.

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