Dress like the daughter of a King


There’s no question about it. The decision to live your life for God’s glory will require some tough choices. It will probably take more time to shop, and your clothing may actually cost a little more. You may not look as cool or “in” as your would like, and sometimes you just might have to stand out in a crowd as someone who is different. But remember, you are different. You have a different citizenship and you were bought with a costly price!
As you evaluate your wardrobe, you’ll need courage to ask specific, practical questions, like these:

• Is there writing (or picture) on my clothing that emphasizes private parts of my body?

• If someone were to look at me, where would their eyes naturally go— to my face, eyes, hips, thighs/legs, breasts, etc.?

• Where do I want men looking when I come into view?

• Is the fabric that I’m wearing too sheer?

• Could someone see through it to private parts of my body?

• Is the length of my skirt or dress ok, is it way too short?

As you examine individual items in your wardrobe, stand in front of a mirror. Bend forward and ask yourself, “Can I see private parts that a man (other than my husband, if you’re married) shouldn’t see?” If the answer is “yes,” you are dressed immodestly.
Look from all angles—front, back, and sides—while walking, sitting, moving, stretching, and bending.

Remember, we often bend over to pick up packages or children, or to get into and out of a car. Ask yourself, “What will others notice and see? Where will their attention be drawn—towards my excessive cleavage exposure, exposure of thighs because of my short dress, etc.? Why do I want to wear this outfit? Why do I like this style?”

Your heart attitude is key here. Ask the Lord to help you represent Him well. Ask for a teachable, open, obedient heart.



-excerpt from The Look: Does God Really Care What I Wear? by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

18 thoughts on “Dress like the daughter of a King”

  1. Nice work u doing.it’s so heartwarming to know that in a world where vices have become virtues and virtues have become vices in our society, someone is propagating decency in our mode of dressing. I hope n belive that women will trully understand that u can be sexy and classy without having to expose ur body.May God continue to enrich u with more knowledge n wisdom. I dey gbadun u seriously!!! ??

  2. Am always very happy Whenever I read your write up. My prayer is that God will grant you more wisdom and also make us obedient in carrying out HIS instructions. This Christianity race is not an easy one. Well done!

  3. Its goodnews for me to know that a woman is actually putting righteousness above business.
    I must say, Fabulous is how you look!!!

  4. You are doing an amazing job ma.God bless you real good. Quick question. ..can a single lady wear dis without coming off as a married woman?u know some dresses mk u look older dan ur person. I really love dem n I’d like to have some.

    1. Yes Vera you can still dress like this as a young lady. All our designs are very trending and makes you you look elegant simple and most importantly modest. If you notice we tie only one wrapper not the usual two wrappers and then our tops are so simp,e that you can still rock them on your jeans as casuals. Our designs are age friendly and age appropriate . Tnx… CEO NHN

  5. Seeing all this beautiful clothes and styles, I only wish l can own one. I truly love your modesty in dressing and the fact that you know God. Keep up the good work. You are blessed

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