Fashion: It takes a REAL woman to carry off simplicity fabulously!


Fashion is very important.
It is life-enhancing and like everything that gives pleasure,
It is worth doing well.

I have come to learn in this industry that,
The fashion industry makes its millions by feeding on women’s insecurities.
Blasphemy you may say but truth be told,
The industry is about dressing better than your peers and better than what you wore last.
And this got me thinking, are we indeed hypnotised by fads?

Who are we dressing to impress?
Our Men?
Or other Women?

Here in Nigeria, we all do the trend to follow international trends.
I feel at some level we have lost a bit of our uniqueness by giving into the latest global trends.

And the biggest fashion faux pas, is two ladies turning up in a party or occasion with same outfit when it’s not an Aso-ebi!

“While anyone can over dress, it takes a REAL woman to carry off simplicity fabulously!”

I believe this is true! If you don’t feel beautiful from within, no amount of designer wear will do the job for you. It’s something you must do for yourself.

So forget trends and make your style your own!

Be that trend setter!
Be decent!
Be modest!
Be simple!
Be classy!
Be confidant!
Be NHN rocker!

~Nkechi Harry Ngonadi



4 thoughts on “Fashion: It takes a REAL woman to carry off simplicity fabulously!”

  1. Oh dear!!! May God continue to bless you. Truth is bitter they say but I think that truth is as sweet as honey. You have actually said it all. Thanks a lot for your piece of advice. Knowledge is power you know and it goes a long way to build up someone’s sense of fashion

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