Leave the past behind or you miss out on the joy of today!


A new year, a new beginning! So many things I am thankful for in the years gone by! So many testimonies, unbelievable miracles, secret tears, unspeakable joy, unending laughter, sudden turnarounds, sudden visitations and midnight prayers! SO WHENEVER YOU SEE MY SMILES, NEVER YOU THINK I DON’T HAVE MY DOWN MOMENT, IT JUST MEANS I KNOW HOW TO OVERCOME! With all these that have happened I will not change anything; for they have prepared me for the place I am in right now but also I do not hold on to the past, if not I miss out on the joy’s and victories of today; the words by Brett & Kate McKay drives the point home! 

Embrace different kinds of satisfaction. Being young is definitely awesome. The freedom and fun will be forever unmatched. But the key to growing up is being able to embrace new kinds of satisfactions in your life. Having a lot of freedom is certainly one of the pleasures in life, but it’s not the only one.

There is incredible satisfaction in becoming a wife and a mother. In molding and shaping your children. There is satisfaction in becoming a mentor to young women. In finding success in your career. In making an impact on the world. In being in control of your life. In being wiser. There is pleasure in the passion of new love, but there is pleasure in long-term companionate love as well.

When all you think about is what you miss about your former life, you can miss out on the joy to be found  in your current one!



excerpt from Getting Over Your Glory Days by Brett & Kate McKay

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