Colour Your World! Make Yourself Happy!

There are many times in one’s life where moments seem to be at its darkest. I’ve had them. We’ve all had them.

It’s very important to always shed your own light or find light in every dark situation. This is something I had to learn and apply daily in order for me to illuminate internally and proceed forward when life turns out that “light”. In the mist of dark situations around you, GET UP!

Brighten your day. Find something to be grateful about! Bring in your light! Ask God to help you!

It’s just for a while! THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Brighten your world, make yourself happy.



Lavender Purple & Vivid Red. Now this is a difficult choice! Choose your pick!

Have a great week friends!


7 thoughts on “Colour Your World! Make Yourself Happy!”

  1. Good afternoon!!!
    I like your designs and would like to know how one can get these materials / outfits delivered to Kenya.

    1. Hello Faida! Unfortunately at the moment we do not provide delivery service and advice international clients to send a representative to the showroom in Lagos on their behalf or International clients arrange and handle the whole shipping process from collection to shipping. But please call +2348052302268, +2348153332333 or WhatsApp +2348031973543 to discuss possibilities.

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