The Art of Wearing Yellow

The colour YELLOW! The mood booster pill! When you feel down, wearing yellow can cheer you up and you know what? -the colour also represents our inner strength and how we feel about ourselves- Confident, Optimistic, Bright, stimulating Mental Activity and promotes Feelings of Well being!

You can’t walk past anything or anyone in yellow without taking a second look! That colour is such a ‘notice me’ color! Some people find it difficult to wear yellow and that’s very understandable because not all shades of yellow matches your skin tone and if worn wrongly can be a total disaster. If you are trying not to get noticed, wearing yellow sure is not going to help! So, if you don’t want to go full-out in yellow, you can still add elements to your wardrobe like accessories, gele or shoes.

Yellow is such a bright colour that you don’t need much of it but when done properly, it can have an absolutely stunning effect. 

Accessorize with Yellow

Still not brave enough to wear yellow or you want to make a subtle impact? Accessorize with it to liven up your look. It’s an excellent way to add colour to your outfit. If you want to create an additional statement, go for red lips! The two colours are so complementary.



 Colour Combinations with Yellow

Yellow is great to wear with neutrals, especially white.



Creative Colour Combination With Yellow

Butter Yellow Pastel and Lemon Green! This for me is an amazing combo! I decided to be creative and I loved the outcome! Va Va Voom!



TIP: Yellow may not be everyone’s tastes, but there are various ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe and also finding the right shade that complements the hue of your skin. Experiment with different yellows till you find that right shade. And anyways, who sets these rules- Define your own style!

So any other yellow combo suggestions my friends?

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Wearing Yellow”

  1. Would like to buy some jewellery . Saw some that I like from the ones you and where do I get them?

  2. White-yellow-grey is always a winner with me. There’s also navy and yellow. Endless possibilities really, as there are many shades of yellow.

    You look beautiful as always, ma’am.

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