Glowing Radiance!


A young woman who is deeply, passionately, intimately in love with Jesus Christ glows with a radiance that overpowers even the most noticeable of flaws.

I’ve seen many a godly woman light up an entire room with her presence. To study her closely, you would not think of her as beautiful; in fact she might even have major physical blemishes that would normally be distracting.

But when a woman’s passion for Jesus Christ is so deep that it is the focal point of her existence, it effervesces from every corner of her being—and she glows with Heavenly beauty. No matter what her physical flaws might be, they are unnoticed when Jesus Christ is center stage in her life.


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3 thoughts on “Glowing Radiance!”

  1. You know…. I never really pay attention to people like you most times! Owing to the fact that we have a lot of pretentious folk everywhere these days who preach one thing and practice another!

    But I’ve been observing U for a loooong min and I have seen that you are quite different….

    Still watching and learning though! lol

    … are most certainly DIFFERENT!!!

    It would be a pleasure to put a voice to the personality! 🙂

    Hopefully I’d attend one of your seminars just to watch U Speak!

    God Bless You Mrs Nkechi!!

    Warm Regards!x

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