NHN Giveaway | Change of Time!


For the competition to be fair, we are pushing up the time to give our international friends opportunity to be part of our season of sharing and giving.

So 1 DAY ONLY, 10 WINNERS, 5 YARDS EACH Giveaway will be LIVE:

April 1, 2015, 4 pm – 8 pm 

T&C: If you are entering for the competition, please ensure that you can pick up your price before SATURDAY APRIL 15/04/2015 or you can send somebody to pick it up. If it is not collected then, you forfeit your price. PLEASE NOTE! Any comments on Facebook or Instagram would not be considered! Results will be announced by April 2, 6 pm!


30 thoughts on “NHN Giveaway | Change of Time!”

  1. Good morning nhn_couture, ma you are really doing a great job thumb up to mama. Can’t find any questions here, hope it not April fool lol.

  2. Good morning Ma. I was so excited when I saw this. I hope I’m one of the ten….I Love your fabrics so much and you are so pretty.

  3. Morng,I really admire your write ups and the inspiration n courage u give to ur fellow women,great style u have I must say and your color combinations is out of this world,may GOD continue to enrich and enlarge your coast (amen)

  4. Happy new month ma. Wish u all the best in this month. Have search for you question have not seen any oh. I really love your fabrics and will want to part take in the quest.thanks ma.

  5. lol, we plenty wey won win.. Good One Aunty Nky.. God bless the works of your hand..Amen!!

  6. I so admire you,your fabrics your dressing, your write ups and your smile. you are always on point!keep it up ma’am.GOD BLESS U RICHLY

  7. We in the US are on alert too. Worry not we have scores of people to help pick up our fabrics for us. Oya oh Wey dem questions?

  8. That’s good to hear ma. I hope this is where the question will come from and d answers attended to? Since u said facebook and instagram pages of yours are not d channels. Cheers

  9. Hmmm! So this number of readers exist on this blog and I’m seeing them only on the giveaway posts and never on the other blog entries. There is God oh! Hahaha

  10. Aunty I cant find any question o. Hope it’s not April fool? Any way this gives me the chance to say what I have been wanting to tell you. You are a great woman. You inspire me. God bless you and continue to lift you up. I love the fabric, if I don’t win I won’t mind paying for it.Thanks ma.

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