Do Not Give Up



After dealing with the same issue for such a long time, and you may have reached the point where you are about to give in, thinking things probably would never get better.

We have a word for you, do not give up, commit your heart to trusting God. What the situation demands is God’s wisdom, humbly ask the Lord to give you wisdom on what to do.

Trust God for wisdom in every step you take. God knows exactly what you need  to do to receive your victory. Remember God uses the really simple things to confound the wise.

God wants you to come to a deeper level of love and trust in Him, which would produce awesome power and breakthrough in your marriage.

As you wait and seek God’s wisdom He will reward you greatly, He knows exactly what you need to do. Your marriage is blessed of God to succeed.

Ask God to take over all your plans and lead you into victory. Remind yourself of situations in the past that God brought you through, hang around people who will keep encouraging you. Fill your heart with hope. Stir up the love and faith of God in your heart.

God has promised victory and joy to those who hold on to His promises in faith. You will not be ashamed He said.

Proverbs 3 vs 5; 1 Corinthians 15 vs 5

Gbenga & Ronke

Good morning!




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7 thoughts on “Do Not Give Up”

  1. Good morning to you NHN and thanks for sharing with us, as if u read my mind to know that I really need this words right this moment. God bless you NHN.

  2. You are so cute! Please continue to be cute I’m leaning from you. You inspired me to work harder
    than I’m doing. Thanks!!!

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