Disclaimer: Eyinojuolodumare Yunnus



Good morning Eyinojuolodumare Yunnus. Please I will appreciate if you don’t upload my picture on your page unless you make it clear that you did not make the jewelries. It’s not fair. These pieces and most of the jewelry piece on me on your page are made by other Jewelers- Marcol Jewelry, Artsmith Collections By Gbenga DadaGeebalo or otherwise stated. I think it is better you give them credit and make it clear. We all are children of God and we should behave as one. Peace.

Please note: I am posting a disclaimer on all my social media platforms disassociating you with me or my brand.

Please revert. Thank you.



7 thoughts on “Disclaimer: Eyinojuolodumare Yunnus”

  1. If it is here in the States that is a big crime that can land @eyinojolodumare Yunnis in not less than 25 years imprison. I love how you handle this @NHN. God bless u.

  2. Na wah. Fraudsters have now permeated the beauty industry? Eyinojuolodumare Yunnus, stop stealing other people’s work and passing them off as yours. Thievery. Plagiarism, that’s what it is. Liar, thief, that’s who you are. Stop it!!!!

  3. NHN you handled this perfectly….well done. I think Its not about taking credit, it’s decite….but wait, if a customer request for that exact one Mrs Nkechi is wearing, what happens? How would u provide it ASAP? What would you tell them? I find that rather strange. It’s a No No simple. Let’s be fair to each other.

  4. Honestly NHN hmmmmm u ar truely a woman of God… left for me I will take her to albgon police station first… cos it’s only a criminal that take glory from where he or she do not sow….. hisssssss in french…..

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