Sista’s Shout Out: The Trinity in You | By Ivy Nakpodia-Egbon


Hey Ladies, enjoy our guest post today by Ivy Nakpodia-Egbon

Hi ladies! There are times in one’s life, that you tend to review things to see how well you’ve done and what you can do better. I believe in being well-rounded as a person, balancing it all – so one aspect of my life does not suffer while the other flourishes. As women, we have 3 distinct roles, which intertwine to make us who we are – Unique.Firstly, there’s you the individual – a woman, then you marry and become – a wife and finally you have children and become – a mother.Being 3 in 1 is unique like the Trinity. The trinity in you looks at these 3 roles and how you can maximise your potential in each area.

  • Woman – Know your worth

Knowing who you are in Christ makes you know your worth or value. 1 Peter 2:9 says “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out”. This means that you are peculiar, you are unique and you stand out amongst many. Basically you are in a million, there’s none like you – knowing this makes you view and treat yourself in a way that showcases your uniqueness.

Building yourself up spiritually, allows to place more worth on yourself as you begin to grow closer to God. Develop a personal relationship with Christ (if you haven’t done so already), have daily devotions, setting time to study the word – be consistent. It’s hard, but with God all things are possible.And don’t forget to take care of yourself physically too. In addition to building yourself up, build up your friends, community and church members. Don’t waste time on idle gossip, celebrate and appreciate your friends. Go out, help each other, pray and study together. Don’t criticize, if there is a need to, let it be constructive.

  • Wife – Know your place

Knowing your place as a woman (not in a condescending way), is knowing how to fully operate in your role as a wife. Gen 2:18 tells us we are to be a helper to our husband. A helper is a supporter, to compliment him or rather who he is. Remember you are made from the ribs, by the side – so you can remain on the side to offer your support. You are to support your husband in his role as a Man, Husband and Father. He needs your support to fulfill his God-given role as the spiritual head of your home. Don’t try and take over the prayer sessions even if you can pray better or you are an ordained minister! Support his dreams, his God-given vision for himself and for the family as a whole. Let him know that you value him in public or in private; and the only way he’ll know is if you say it – don’t assume that he’ll know automatically.

Submission – Now this is where it gets interesting, I can already see some of you say – Let him love me first, and then I’ll submit! Eph 5:22 – 25, clearly states the order of things. Wives submit (vs. 22) and then husbands love (vs. 25). In retrospect I wondered why God did it that way, then I realised something – Loving is second nature to we women, while submission is harder for us to do – that’s why it’s being stressed. A lot of us see submission as stupidity – don’t see it like that, but do it gladly and with joy. You’ll struggle with it at first, but I promise it gets easier and the benefits far outweigh the effort!

  • Mother – Know your Child

Knowing your child simply means having a relationship with him/her/them. It’s so easy to slip into the mummy and the child routine that you forget about nurturing a lasting relationship with your child. Be their friend, so they can easily come up to you and talk – about anything! Know who their friends are; be nice and friendly to their friends. Invite them to your home, that way you know the company they keep. Set boundaries; be firm when the need arises and ground them if or when necessary.

Teach them the word – have devotions, pray and study together. Let them see first-hand how the word works in your life, let them see that you serve a living God. Feel free to share your experiences with them; it will make them a better person – as they will learn from your mistakes and successes. In addition, encourage them to explore other interests such as reading, take them to the library to borrow books, sign them up for extracurricular activities – there are a lot to choose from, e.g. swimming, martial arts, dancing, acting, football, the list is endless. This builds up their character,it also challenges them both mentally and physically. Most importantly they get to interact with others and make new friends, which helps with their self-esteem.Limit the time spent on TV, game consoles and PC.

So here’s a mathematical equation to put it all in perspective: 1 + 1 + 1 = 1. Translation in English: Woman + Wife + Mother = Unique You! Till next time sistas, stay blessed!

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11 thoughts on “Sista’s Shout Out: The Trinity in You | By Ivy Nakpodia-Egbon”

  1. A wake up call . Thank you. These words could not have come at a better time in my life.
    I just had a baby recently and I also have a toddler so things have been hectic.
    Thank you for reminding me of my uniqueness.
    God bless you!

    1. Olutayo, congrats on your bundle of joy. May you continue to enjoy God’s grace and favour as you celebrate your uniqueness. Remain blessed sista 

  2. Olutayo, congrats on your bundle of joy. May you continue to enjoy God’s grace and favour as you celebrate your uniqueness. Remain blessed sista ?

  3. Quite an interesting piece. I have been richly blessed by it.
    The tripartite nature of the woman cannot be overemphasized, for there lies her secret to achieving balance.

  4. This is a good reminder. We need to be balanced in all three areas. Most times we tend to focus on being a wife and mother and tend to forget how to take care of our own selves.
    Thank you for the piece.

    1. Yes Aramide, I think most of us tend to focus on being a mother first, neglecting our husbands and ourselves. It may be tough finding the right balance but we should hang in there – the results will show you a more happier woman, because you are more fulfilled. Remain blessed ?

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