Indecent Dressing is Trashy!


Indecent dressing is trashy, period!

Insecurity problems! Attention seekers! Nakedness makes you look cheap even when you wear a one million dollar outfit!

I don’t get it when I hear people say “flaunt what you have”! So why bother wearing a sheer outfit when you can as well go out naked?

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2 thoughts on “Indecent Dressing is Trashy!”

  1. When a woman puts on short dress that reveals some parts of her body she looks “HOT” and when she puts on long dress that covers her body she looks “BEAUTIFUL”,this is from their admirers.HEAVEN is BEAUTIFUL while HELL is HOT,so let the culprits choose one.Thanks for this wonderful advise,with you our generation will be protected and less harm with the atrocity of RAPE.

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