Let them hate! You Are the Queen! You are in charge!

When you find yourself drowning in self-hate, you have to remind yourself that you weren’t born feeling this way. That at some point in your journey, some person or experience sent you the message that there was something wrong with who you are, and you internalized those messages and took them on as your truth. But that hate isn’t yours to carry, and those judgments aren’t about you. And in the same way that you learned to think badly of yourself, you can learn to think new, self-loving and accepting thoughts. You can learn to challenge those beliefs, take away their power, and reclaim your own. It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen over night. But it is possible. And it starts when you decide that there has to be more to life than this pain you feel. It starts when you decide that you deserve to discover it.


Never allow others negative envy and jealous opinion about you take over your power to still remain the queen!

Dear sisters, You Are the Queen!  Always remember that! You are in charge!
Let them talk!
Let them hate!
Infact,  give them something to talk about, you are still in charge and will always be!
Ask me!
That’s my weapon!
I’ve got the power!!

NHN Asoebi Style and Colour Inspiration | Green and Black


*Daniell Koepke

10 thoughts on “Let them hate! You Are the Queen! You are in charge!”

  1. You are such an amazing and adorable woman of God. You are a blessing to our generation. Your words blesses and inspires me alot . You are beautiful, Taking care of spirit soul and body ???? more Grace ma’am.

  2. I’m inspired by you. I can see the glory of God shining through you. I’m also curious, do sell these attires? Stay blessed.

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