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Many of today’s Christians don’t pay attention to their physical appearance. They have overstretched the fact that physical  appearance may be deceptive at times. Although the Bible confirms this to be true in Proverbs 31:30, it is also true that what you show on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the inside………………………..

Many years ago, some foreign teachers came to teach in our Bible college, and he taught our students that how they dressed did not matter, rather it was that which was inside of them that was important. To correct this wrong teaching, I went to the nearby market to buy two similar oranges. The only difference between them was the fact that one was yellow and the other was green.
I took the orange to class, showed them to the students and asked: “Given an option to choose which one would be sweeter?”
Then I further asked how they arrived at this conclusion, since they had not cut them open. They replied “THE OUTSIDE APPEARANCE SHOWS WHAT IS INSIDE.”

That drove home the message. When you dress in a way that people begin to wonder whether you know the difference between the PUBLIC and the PRIVATE parts of your body, then you need to learn Christian dressing ethics………

Look into your wardrobe, bring out any attire that promotes lust and sexual provocation and get rid of them. Let your wardrobe be BORN-AGAIN! (this got me cracking)!!!

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  1. Follow only the righteous. Turn your back and shun the wicked. Ty for this post my sister. There is wisdom and good guidance in your words.

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