Sneak Peak & Celebration of Talent | Subzy Elesho Jewelry



She is a multi talented lady, original to the core and hard working!
My meeting with her was inspiring when she came with some of her jewelry pieces to my showroom. I was wowed!!
She is what I was talking about when I made a post about women stepping up and building on something that inspires them!

When I got tags on her page, I was very impressed and couldn’t believe it until I met with her personally. Very well talented and goes the extra mile to build her brand.

I love you Sis and I celebrate you today!
May my God continue to give you wisdom and ideas on how to remain a pace setter!
Thank you @marcoljewelry @estherofkish for always encouraging these ladies. You girls rock! Proud to know you both!

3 thoughts on “Sneak Peak & Celebration of Talent | Subzy Elesho Jewelry”

  1. Its great to see people like you encourage and inspire other women to be their very best! Mentorship in this part of the world is very rare. I stumbled on subzyelosho’s instagram page and was really impressed. It has kindled in me the inspiration to learn the art/trade. Pls keep doing what you’re doing. Cheers.

  2. omg omg! gush u er indeed a fashion icon.beads er so so just screaming here.God bless u sis

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