#newcollection | #motivationmonday | God will NEVER disappoint you, I promise


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credit: Eyobb B. Kassa

2 thoughts on “#newcollection | #motivationmonday | God will NEVER disappoint you, I promise”

  1. God bless you always Ma… I follow you on IG & still come to your blog.
    God bless you for being a blessing to me in my period of waiting.

  2. I first spotted you while looking for styles on Google a few months ago and admired your smile and carriage. I went on Google again yesterday and saw more of your pictures with that signature smile. I wondered who you were (forgive me that i dont know you as i dont live in Nigeria) and decided to dig deeper into finding out. I thought to myself that you must be a designer otherwise you would’ve been tired of all these clothes. I wasn’t sure what it was but your smile was striking. I thought to myself, she is a very happy person and then I found your website and realised the source of your smile was the joy that comes from within, the one that can only come from a relationship with Jesus. I read some of your posts and admired you even more. How amazing to see you use your talent and blessing to advertise Jesus and to encourage people. I say a big well done do you and pray that He continues to port more of Himself into you and enlarge you in every way. God bless you sis.

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