#thankful | Abuja! We’ll be back!

nhn 1

Like someone said yesterday, it can only be God! We sold out almost 70% of what we came with! To God alone be all the glory, He exceeded our expectations and we are grateful!

Thanks girls, thanks to all the Ogas, thanks to all my childhood friends (my Zaria people), I am really humbled. Thanks to all NHN fans! WOW! You guys humbled me especially with all the gifts from you guys both in cash and kind. I am still dazed! Thanks to all the brides to be and their mums! Thanks to Dunes Center Abuja, we were indeed favored. Thanks to all my secret fans that I finally met!

With tears in my eyes I just pray that my God will surprise you throughout all seasons as you surprised me!

And YES, YES, YES! We shall be back again!

Thank you!

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