NEVER allow your past to rule your future-not worth it Sister!


Nothing can stop me from moving forward or letting go of my painful past. No matter how much my past hurt, I can never allow it to rule my future. You might say, “Nky it’s easier said than done. “And I will say, “I said it, I did it and I’m still doing it.”

It works Girls! Let go of that regret, past, disappointment, betrayal and hatred. LET GO SO YOU CAN HEAL.

See me today basking in God’s grace and mercies. All because I LET GO!

Stop letting stupid people who don’t deserve your tears and sleeplessness take all your happiness and joy from you. THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT! Learnt that longest time ago!

So, I moved on!

Good Morning Friends!

6 thoughts on “NEVER allow your past to rule your future-not worth it Sister!”

  1. Hi beautiful daughter of Zion! Thanks for regularly supplying us with these inspiring “faith lift”. Keep doing what you are doing sis as the giver of life continues to shower you with blessings upon blessings.

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