September | Our month of breaking forth. The month we shall be remembered!


There are times in our lives, when we feel like we are just going around in circles. Some people may say, “God will not let you move forward until you learn from this or that experience ”. We can spend a lifetime doing that and never move forward! There has to come a time when we say to ourselves, “I have gone around this mountain long enough, its time for me to breakout, and move forward”!

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 2:3 (AMP), ‘the Lord said, “You have roamed around this mountain country long enough; turn northward”‘. It was time for the Israelites to breakout. To breakout from their comfort zone and go forward!

When we  move forward and breakout, let it be so as the Lord directs. Let us seek His will in which way to go. We have a choice to make- Do we spend our lives just wandering around a mountainside or do we take courage from God and take that step of faith? Do we seek His direction, breakout and go forward in God?

It takes a step of faith to break out from our comfort zone. 

My friend, God rewards our faith in Him. He will strengthen us every step of the way. It’s time to breakout! It’s time to go forward in God. It’s time to take that step of faith!

My God will surely remember you this month as you break forth.


3 thoughts on “September | Our month of breaking forth. The month we shall be remembered!”

  1. Very encouraging. Like you mentioned, we do sometimes tarry too long on one spot waiting for God to deliver us rather than taking a step of faith to break forth. May God grant us all the needed grace and strength to break forth and break through in Jesus name!

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