#newcollectionalert #motivation | Don’t use your past as an excuse!


My friend! Don’t use your past as an excuse. Your past should not be your future.

Maybe you lived so badly in the past and messed up here and there. You made some mistakes and blown some chances and the enemy has said to you that you are beyond repair. Because of that you may feel dirty, guilty and ashamed. Because you messed up so bad you are wondering, how God can forgive someone like you.

But I have a message for you! The Lord your God says, “your sins and your iniquities will I remember no more.”—Heb. 8:12. When you’re saved, God has not only forgiven your sins and washed them in His own blood, but He has literally, in His mind, forgotten those sins.

That- my Friend- should move and stir you UP⇑

Good morning Friends!

Makeup: Jagabeauty
Fascinators: Ene Maya

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