#thetraditionalurbanchic #newcollection #newweekmotivation -His ‘EVER SUFFICIENT’ Grace!


God’s grace is EVER SUFFICIENT to see you through no matter what you are going through! Take charge! This week don’t just let things happen- MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Step out in faith believing that something amazing is going to happen to you/for you this week. Good Morning!

Jewelry –Subzy Elesho Jewelry
Outfit/fabrics -NHN Couture
Makeup –Jagabeauty The Makeup Artist

2 thoughts on “#thetraditionalurbanchic #newcollection #newweekmotivation -His ‘EVER SUFFICIENT’ Grace!”

  1. I admire your courage, love your desingns and most especially your inspirational messages which has given me a lot of courage & confidence. You are a hard working lady and the Almighty father will continue to bless, strengthen and uphold you IJN

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