The Queen Diva in the house!


By faith you need to:

Walk like a QUEEN.
Talk like a QUEEN.
Think like a QUEEN.
Dress like a QUEEN. (And queens all dress decent and modest).
Smile like a QUEEN. (No matter the challenge you are face presently).

Don’t go by what you see. Go by what you know. There is royalty in your DNA. The daughter of the KING OF ALL KINGS! You have the blood of a winner. You were created to reign in life.

REPEAT AFTER ME- “I am a Queen Diva! No matter what life throws at me, I refuse to settle for less”.

“You are not that kind of woman who settles for broken things or hangs on to damage goods, be it radio, or a relationship. Your life is not a yard sale. It’s time to get rid of all the broken stuff that you have lugging around for days, months and maybe even years. And make bold decision to start for stuff that works”. -Greg Behrendt

Ask the Holy spirit to help you. You are more!

Good and beautiful morning my Queens!


FASCINATORS @bukkyproverbs. MAKEUP @sequencemakeovers. FABRIC AND OUTFIT @nhncouture. POSERS @gozudemezue @nhncouture. Quote credit; Greg Behrendt, It’s Called a Break-up Because It’s Broken

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