Welcome to April!

Congratulations divas.

You made it!You will testify.You will smile again.
We bless God for a successful first quarter.
We thank Him for all the testimonies and answered prayers.
For life, we say Thank You Lord.
For healing, Thank you Lord.
That we are not in the grave or in the hospital bed, Thank you Lord.
For protection and provision, Thank you Lord.
For all the unanswered prayers for the past 3 months, Thank you Father.

Thank you Lord for this 2nd quarter, which begins today.
It shall be better and greater than the first quarter.
And this month shall be glorious.
In Jesus Name.

For you my dear,

Congratulations again for your testimonies this second quarter shall not elude you.
You too will testify.
You too shall laugh again.
Starting from today, the first day of the 4th month, you shall LAUGH.

So don’t ever give up!

You are better than what you were yesterday.

So believe me, this too shall pass and you will laugh again.


You made it today.

You saw today.
You witnessed the end of the first quarter.
You will see the end of the year and more in a new You in Jesus’ name.

Keep smiling.

Happy New Month!


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