My friend, you may be broken; you may think your life is beyond repair, may be you “fallen off the wagon” and every thing looks so dark and hopeless. Perhaps you feel like it is too late –like things now so messed up for you even to have a hope. But allow me to share with you this truth today, your life is not beyond repair! It is not over until God says it’s over! No matter how dark your life looks, with Christ your future is bright. Our God is a God of restoration! He is a God of new things. A new life, a new beginning, new covenant, new hearts, and new way of doing things. Because he is a God of new things there is always hope and future. There is joy and peace. Listen what the Scripture says, “I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD” Jeremiah 30: 17.

Many may be given up on you; even at this moment you may struggling with a lot of questions and crying from the depth of your soul and saying when is God heal me? Restore me? When is my time, Lord? The list of your question may be long, but let me tell you this today; your life is not beyond restoration. Your situation is not your destination. No matter how hard it looks God will never give up on you. God is not like people; He will be with us through the thick and thin. Despite your past, despite what you have been through, God will never give up on his children.



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